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Black Swamp Soap products are created by Emilee Roach of Waterville, Ohio.  The name "Black Swamp Soap" is derived from the area of Northwest Ohio in which Emilee lives.  It was once called the Great Black Swamp and was a vast wetland fed by glaciers. 

She specializes in artisan, scratch-made bar soap, linen spritz, all natural hard lotion and lip balm.  Her passion for creativity and high quality ingredients led her to develop an olive oil bar soap recipe that is both gentle and luxurious.  Black Swamp Soap is founded on the idea that self care luxury is affordable and should be part of everyone's daily routine.  She continues to create new scents and products on a seasonal basis.   


Her products are featured locally at several retail stores.  Emilee is professionally employed  by a building systems integrator.  She volunteers as the President of Board for the Anthony Wayne Area Arts Commission.  She and her highly helpful husband, Ric,  a high school teacher and coach, reside in Waterville with their dogs, Chloe and Fisher. 

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